There is nothing fussy to expect about any Burning Lights by Chris Tomlin album review. For many years now, Tomlin has become one of the most admirable worship leaders and Christian singers in the current music landscape. His followers could only expect good and positive things about this latest album.

Tomlin’s followers would agree that his zeal for Good and his personality charms listeners aside from his unique music. He also makes sure that his jubilant nature gets contagious to affect his listeners. After winning the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album award from then Grammy’s in 2012, these new tracks from his latest album are worth listening to.

Awake My Soul’ is collaboration with hip hop recording artist Lecrae. The duet comprises a song that evokes the Lord to awake souls. The rapper chants his verses over anthemic instrumentals amid prophecies and praises. You may instantly agree that the two artists sound perfectly good together.

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)’ could easily be declared as among the best tracks in the album. It has the potential of being the next Christian music hit. Incredible scriptures are merged with Tomlin’s admirable lyrical talent. The result is an anthem, which could be sung by millions for glorifying God.

You may get refreshed upon hearing the studio version of the song Lay Me Down. The song has been performed live by Tomlin in several occasions. He performed it with Matt Redman during the Passion 2012. But you may eventually agree that the live version of the song gets more effective.

If you want to hear a fun and upbeat song, you should listen to the track God’s Great Dance Floor. It is an energetic rock and pop song. It is a fun and enjoyable track that you could surely groove into. Don’t be surprised to see yourself doing even simple dance moves as you enjoy the song.

Crown Him (Majesty)’ is a simple but heartfelt worship song. It opens with piano as Tomlin sings his praises for God. You may have anticipated this song and similar tracks in this album. It also has the potential to be resplendent.

Tomlin worked with Phil Wickham to record Thank You God for Saving Me. It is a heart-warming, appreciative, and soulful song that could be dedicated or addressed to God. Listeners take note of exceptional vocals and the electrifying chords.

You may agree after hearing the entire album that ‘Sovereign’ is the best track in the CD. It simply has everything. Never to be missed are the encouraging lyrics and the contagious rhythm. As you listen to the song, you may feel a burst of emotions emanating from within. It simply is a great worship song to be enjoyed by everyone.

The last track on the album ‘Shepherd Boy’ could be considered as icing to this wonderful cake. Here, Tomlin plays his guitar and then brings a mass choir with him to sing the track. You may agree that the arrangement is simply mind-blowing. Other Burning Lights by Chris Tomlin album review articles would surely echo the same insights about these tracks.


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