The London Suede is an English alternative rock band and “Bloodsports” is the band’s sixth studio album. Bloodsports is released by the group after the release of their fifth album in 2002. The album was produced by Ed Buller and was releases under the label of Warner Music group.

The album is around forty two minutes long having 10 sound tracks. The sings include “Barriers”, “Snow-blind”, “It starts and ends with you”, “Sabotage”, “For the strangers”, “Hit me”, “Sometimes I fell I’ll float away”, “What are you not telling me”, “Always” and “Fault lines”. The album was also released in three more edition by the name of deluxe edition, Japan bonus track edition and Australia bonus track edition.

The album received an average response from the famous rating magazine and websites. The critics also acclaimed having the album not the perfect flavors and music for an album of this era. It is said at times the band members , who are all in their early or mid-forties may be are not capable of producing and writing the music which is the standard of now days.

It might be the factor that the band’s talent has gotten its own place but is unable to fit in the newly musical era.  The album had all kind of songs listing from slowest to faster paced, the album also had rocking numbers with the addition of romantic tracks.

Some of the songs are elegant enough that no other album can be match to them. The songs have a meaning attached to them and are also inter linked. The album has a touch of ballad with classic music as well but does not have the potential to beat the albums up to the billboards.

The music seems to be old belonging to the trend of 1990s and the lyrics also looks like the older ones. The compositions are not much different form the older ones being reflected in the previous albums but on the other hand look like the combination of the past albums. The songs might have caught the attention of the critics if there was a new touch of music or change added to the album by the band.

But the choice of older versions and the same quality has made the band suffer along with the average response from the fans. The album also failed to do much economically but did a modest earning.

The Blood sports is one of the efforts made by the band The London Suede for its revival but they didn’t really succeed in doing so. They might do it well next time if they ever launch their next album in future.

A little addition of passion, new kind of music, upbeat compositions and hard worked along with well thought lyrics will surely find them the place in the billboards in their next attempt. The band surely has the talent by which they have come so far and have ruled over the hearts of millions for so long.


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