Most Believe Acoustic by Justin Bieber album review articles are all-raves for this project. The unplugged renditions of most of the songs from his 2012 album ‘Believe’ proved to be as interesting as the original versions. As expected, his loyal fans enjoyed and loved the album, as evidenced in its robust sales.

Justin Bieber is simply in his best elements when he was recording all tracks. Thus, it is not surprising that he gathers praises in most album review write-ups. So how does each of the tracks fared? Here are insights.

Boyfriend’ was obviously moody and minimal in its original form. But it sounded more refreshing when stripped down to just the guitar and the young recording star’s sultry male voice. To most of his followers, it was simply sensual.

As Long As You Love Me made Bieber belt out an acoustic rendition of the song. To hear this track in guitars is not surprising anymore because he performed the song in acoustic several times before in public prior to the release of this album. The studio acoustic version simply got more rock-solid.

In the acoustic version of ‘Beauty and A Beat,’ he simply became crazier. It was odd to hear him convince everyone to get to party as he sadly croon over his lonely guitar. However, you may instantly agree that it sounds good and relaxing.

She Don’t Like the Lights’ is one of the songs with deeper meaning in the album. Aside from the message, listeners could rave about more seductive cooing, more strummage, and more glam to fame. Yes, his girlfriend may not exactly like the lights. However, she might like hearing her boyfriend in acoustic guitar.

The sensitiveness of the CD goes to peak through ‘Take You,’ Interestingly, the song translates well in acoustic guitar. However, it is his multilingual prowess that is obviously highlighted. It does not surprise that this track makes ladies swoon.

Be Alright’ is in piano, instead of guitar. It may deviate from the album theme a bit, but it sounds awesome. This could be considered as the most emotional track in this CD. You may feel his sentiments and heartbreak just by merely listening to the song.

All Around the World’ is a different take on the opening track of the album ‘Believe.’ In the original version, the song is throbbing. In the acoustic version, it has gotten limp. It is difficult to imagine Ludacris appearing in this song.

Fall (Live)’ was of course recorded as a live performance. It is another ballad that tells about how he likes and loves a girl. He then talks about his heartaches in the succeeding track, Yellow Raincoat. In this song, he reveals that it is not easy being famous.

I Would’is a new song in the album. It is sweet but solid, singing about his promise to catch a sweetheart in distress. Lastly, ‘Nothing Like Us’ is an ultimate tear-jerker. It is obviously the most vulnerable song in this CD.

This is so much for Believe Acoustic by Justin Bieber album review. His fans should not miss getting a copy and listening to the entire CD. His non-fans agree that he really has singing talent to begin with.


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