Every Based on a True Story by Blake Shelton album review should highlight the fact that the compilation of songs is about knowing the country superstar more personally. His seventh album talks more about himself. In a media interview, Shelton once revealed that all songs in this album talk about situations that he had gone through or he is still going through right now.

Thus, if you want to know ‘The Voice’ coach deeper, you have to take a ride to his emotions. The following 12 tracks in the album would take us there.

Boys ‘Round Here’ serves as an appropriate opening track. It features a bit feel of hip hop, which interestingly mixes with country genre. Not to be missed is the guest appearance of the Pistol Annies. The song is an ode to the singer’s ‘homies’ in Oklahoma.

Sure Be Cool If You Did’ is a successful single, as it quickly climbed the music charts upon its release. The strength of the track is his vocals. The arrangement is also good but the lyrics may be considered as a different story.

Do You Remember’ talks about looking back in time when a love was still stronger. The song proves that Shelton has his own unique style in delivering a ballad. ‘Small Town Big Time’ features loud and cranking guitars. There is attitude sprinkled all over the track. Some listeners think it can be a good country summer anthem.

Country On the Radio’ boasts of its emotional lyrics, which pay tribute to the radio. ‘My Eyes’ has a melody that gets into the ballpark. You may agree to the general description that it is seductive, cute, romantic and intriguing combination. Gwen Sebastian, one of the stars created by ‘The Voice’ adds harmony and enticement.

Doin’ What She Likes’ has an outstanding arrangement, thanks to producer Scott Hendricks. You may agree that it is among Shelton’s most adventurous tracks yet. He touches several other genres in one song in this one.

I Still Got A Finger’ is his finest being an irreverent. The lyrics may be lacking but the rhythms make up for the shortcoming. ‘Mine Would Be You’ gives us another outstanding romantic performance from the recording artist. This song may be put side-by-side with his past hit ‘Got Gave Me You.’

Lay Low’ could be considered as the most amusing in the album. It has the gut and feel of a 1980s country song. Most music critics are taken off their feet by the song’s fiddle and steel work. ‘Ten Times Crazier’ heralds his upcoming tours in summer and fall. The harmonies, without a doubt, work on this one.

Granddaddy’s Gun talks about all the positive changes in his entire career. The track allows him to tell a story and engage the listeners while doing so. He has again proven that he can be a good storyteller when he sings. Overall, you may not have to be pushed by any Based on a True Story by Blake Shelton album review to buy and listen to this wonderful CD. Two thumbs up to the country singer!


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