Bad Blood is the first studio album by the English band Bastille. The album was released in March 2013 under the label of EMI. The album is produced by Mark Crew and Dan Smith.  The band specializes in Alternative rock and electronic music. The album is almost forty three minutes long, but the deluxe version is as long as eighty one minutes long. The album was written, produced and recorded in Britain.

There are thirteen tracks in the album including “Pompeii“, “Things we lost in future”, “Bad Blood”, “Overjoyed”, “These streets”, “Weight of living . “, “Icarus”, “Oblivion”, “Flaws”, “Daniel in the den”, “Laura Palmer”, “Get home”, and “Weight of living Pt. 1”.  The extended cut or the deluxe version includes ten more songs. Some of the songs in the deluxe version are there for having their videos to be added in the album.

The songs and album have set a record of charting on the first place on the UK album charts.  This is a very big record set by any of the debut albums by any band in a given time. The album also charted on the fifth place on the Irish Albums charts billboard.

Along with these the album was included in the top hundred billboards of the  German, Belgian , Italy, and Dutch album billboards including many others. Which is a very big achievement by any debut album?

The vocals and music in the album has been used very intelligently. The band members look aware of their drawbacks so they have tried to produce and perform in their boundaries. The first track “Pompeii” is the starting track of the album, the song is as best as an opening song should be and one of the most impressive songs of the entire album.

The song “Things we lost in fire” has very good lyrics to it and is a very carefully written song. The song has nice chorus in it which increases its ambiance.

The music used in the background is very good and well sorted out. The lyrics are mostly impressive and tell about the creativity of the band. The song “Bad Blood” is the tile track but not as good as the opening one.  It is light and enjoyable though but lacks the ingredients required for a title track of an album.

The songs “Overjoyed” and “These streets” are better that the title one. They have a very good starting to them and a have a great music to it as well. At some of the places the music becomes a bit annoying due to the exclusiveness of the electronic music and the louder tones.

The lyrics of the songs are quiet good but  are not exactly out of this world kind of. The music is of low quality at some of the points and feels disappointing too. Over all the album has got some really good tracks with a lot of great lyrics, but as being their first ever album, the band might make some progress by doing a little more hard work.


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