Ed Harcourt or Edward Henry Richard Harcourt- Smith is an English singer and song writer. He has been performing since 2000. He has released five albums and two EPs till now. He has made this album “Back into the Woods”  in almost six to seven hours but this shorter time was no match to the work he had put in front of the people.

The songs have simple musical backgrounds made by the simplest of the musical instruments, a piano, a guitar, an organ and a lone violinist. The vocals were added by Ed himself in all the songs.

The writing of the songs was done in a few weeks but in more time than it was taken to sing them all together. The opening song of the album “The cusp and wine” is a very melodious one and can make his position in the noisiest rooms also. The album shows the expressions among the emotions of regret, love, hatred, family bonding and love life.

The songs are the true experiences of the singer ED and it feels like the singer is somewhat telling about his own life experiences. With his voice he has created a marvelous atmosphere in the album and has added true flavors of love to the songs.

The melodies provide the emotions of love, friendship, romantic nature and melancholy through the lyrics. The lyrics are very well written by the singer himself and are a great reason for the success of this album.

The album is an exquisite blend of classic, folk and pop union of melodies. The songs show different moods of Ed, sometimes showing him to be alone when the music is very low or with a full powerhouse band when the music is loud and heavy between the songs in the album.

“Back into the Woods”  has received mostly positive reviews from the critics of the music industry and the songs have managed to take positions on the top charts as well. The lyrics are an add on to the success of the music with the true and balanced blend of music going on side by side.

The album is enriched with romantic songs and would truly turn one’s thoughts to its beloved. The soft music is enough to wrap the listener into an enchanted stance and also has the ability to make the listener stay bonded to that stance.

The singer had been through many ups and downs and it’s true that his previous album did not collect much appreciation from the fans along with the critics, but this album not a tall like the previous ones. It shoes the new soul of the singer and is surely out of this world.  It can be also regarded as his finest and comeback work.

If you have mood to go for light and romantic music, if you want to get the feel of true music then this album “Back into the Woods” by ED Harcourt is the album to choose from the many present in market.


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