Avril Lavigne whose full name is Avril Romana Lavigne Kroegar is one of the most popular singers of this era. She is a French Canadian born in September 27th 1984. She is also a song writer and can play guitar, piano and drums as well. She was born in Ontario and started working on music when she was very young. She sung in the church with her mother. She has a brother and a sister also.

She was diagnosed with Attention Hyperactivity disorder when she was very young and got treated for it. She was then provided with keyboard, drums and guitar by her father to make the use of time and putting all her energies in a positive way. He performed in country fairs and sung in many programs at the age of 14 years. Along with that she also started writing her own songs and singing them.

Her music became very famous and at the age of 15 she appeared on a stage show with Shania Twain. She signed a contract with the recording companies and started working on her first music album. Her first music album was released when she was 17 years old. Her debut album “Let go” made a promising entry on the charts and made her one often most famous solo artist in the world by selling millions of copies of her albums and singles.

Her second album “under my skin” was released in 2004 and came to number one position in the charts and US billboard. It again sold millions of copies worldwide and she became one of the youngest artists of the world to be rated on number one on the charts. She launched her third album under the title of “the best damn thing”. Its songs “happy ending” and “nobody’s home” were the first ones to hit the charts with the top positions along with following the other singles of this album.

She worked on her fourth studio album and released it in 2011 by the name of “Goodbye Lullaby”. This again became a huge hit on both US and UK charts. At present she was working on her next album “Eponymous” which will be her fifth one. It is expected that the songs and the album itself will be a great album and will surely top the charts again. She became one of the most famous and most followed celebrities in the world. She broadened her career by designing perfumes and clothes.

She introduced her own label and opened many outlet of it. She also developed the interest in learning acting so she appeared in four movies. She also gave voice to one of the animated characters in an animated film.

She married her long time boyfriend Deryck Whibley, a lead singer. The marriage could not last longer and ended soon after three years in a divorce. She again married in 2013 with Nickel back Chad Kroegar after one month of dating. She likes having tattoos and is known for wearing tomb boyish clothes.


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