Mark Owen is singer and song writer and is a band member of the band named Take that. The album “The Art of Doing Nothing” is his fourth solo studio album that was released in UK and Germany in June 2013. This album is being released after eight years of the release of his third album named how the mighty fall in 2005.

The album was released under the label of Polydor and was produced by Charlie Russell, Bradley Spence and Starsmith. In March 2012 sources declared that Mark was planning to launch his other album in the coming year 2013.  The album’s most of the songs were recorded in the Garden shed studio.

Its mixing was done in New York at the place of Electric Lady Studios. The title of the album was decided between the recordings, it related to the fact that he had been doing nothing in the gap of past eight years and thus he came upon to name the album as “The art of doing nothing”.

The album is sixty five minutes long containing ten songs. The songs include “Giveaway”, “The One”, “Stars”, “Carnival”, “Animals”, “Us And Ours”, “Heaven’s Falling”, “Raven”, S.A.D”, and “End Of Everything”. The album received positive reviews from the critics of music industry and managed to sneak up onto the billboards.

It managed to mark its place on the Irish, Belgian, Italian, Scottish and United Kingdom album charts. It was also released in deluxe and super deluxe editions. The deluxe editions have extra three bonus tracks in them.

After the release of the albums, music videos of the album’s first two singles were also launched. The direction along with the production department has done a great job. The photography was very good. Along with the acclaim of the songs the cover photograph of the album was also very much liked by the critics and was called as an artistic one.

The fans will be delighted to have this piece of music in their music players. The album has surfaced after a long wait from the fans of the singer but it will definitely turn into a surprising package by the singer for his fans. He has put in a lot of extra effort to be back in the music industry with his own charm

Many a times his music has sunken slow and the balance of composition and vocals have lost in the parts of songs, this could have been made better if the singer would have chosen to sing on his own pace instead of getting louder than his vocal quality. Over all the music are good and the lyrics have great charm to it.

The singer has given a long waiting time to his fans, who will be delighted to have him back while others can expect him to give more in his next album as this was not up to the expectations of many people around in the music industry.


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