English rock band “Arctic Monkeys” are into the industry with the release of their fifth music album Am. It was released on 6th September 2013. Arctic Monkeys broke a record with a debut AM becoming the first independent label band to debut at number one with their five major albums.

Arctic Monkeys are not new to music. Welding inspiration from hip-hop greats with rocks titan’s, AM is build upon portentous beats that are dark and intimidating yet wickedly thrilling. The title of the album is the inspiration from Velvet Underground’s 1985 compilation of “UV”.

The album consists of the tracks, beautifully composed and written by the competent writers and composers. The opener track is “Do I Wanna Know?” and it contains some bitter but sweet lines. The lyrics of the song are so beautiful and noticeably more evocative. The song is a drum machine actually.

The singer is perpetually obsessed with young love and broken hearts. Turner is trying new things with his voice, pushing it and restraining it.

The strongest performance in the album is “No.1 Party Anthem” which is a massive Britpop ballad. It is a heavy pop and a glam. He shifts fluidly between the high and low nodes. Turner has always been an intelligent melody writer.

We see shades of Velvet in “Mad Sounds” and the haunting closer “I Wanna Be Yours”. He has lost in a lazy acoustic haze in “Mad Sounds”. Turner has the physical abilities to achieve the more ambitious vocalizations he composes.

Mid tempo rockers “Arabella” and “Snap Out Of It” muffle his tenor among mid tempo riffs in such songs. The lyrical content is always a solid reason in his songs that they become a block -buster hit every time they are on the charts.

All of such stylistic inspirations make AM an invigorating experience. It continues the band’s playful diversion from the Mojave-darkness of “Humbug” that “suck it and see” heralded.

The music of all the tracks included is outstanding. Some songs give the feeling of soft mood and some of them take us on the dance floor. The rocking beats of the drums and pianos forces everybody to shake well.

Whereas the softer side of the album takes a man to the fantasy world and it makes one to sit back and relax for some time. The music feels so enchanting that the listener is fully concerned to the song.

The lyrics of each song are so well wrote that they are a reason for a person to listen the song. The main thing in the album to get its peak, somewhat depends upon the lyrical content and the music has all the rest of the responsibility.

After going through this album of twelve best tracks, I got so much amused. It is an ultimate source of entertainment. It seems as if this album is going to rock the world. Do you people agree with me ?


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