Anthems are the sixth extended ply by the American metal rock band Anthrax.  The album was released in March, 2013 under the label of Meagaforce Records. The album was launched in Europe under the label of nuclear blast.

The band specializes in heavy metal, thrash metal genres.  The extended paly was produced by Anthrax themselves; Jay Ruston and Rob Caggino. The album has some of the favorite songs of the band form the 1970s. The album managed to enter into the billboard charts after the release and made a modest business economically.

The band members have performed very well in their respective fields. The band members include Joey Belladonna, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, and Rob Caggiano.

Joey Is the lead vocalist, Scott plays the guitar, Frank works on the bass, Charlie performs on the drums and Rob is the lead guitarist. Additional musicians have been added in the band for the album.

The album is thirty three minutes long and has eight songs. The songs include “Anthem”, “T.N.T”, “Smokin”, “Keep on running” “Big eyes”, “Jail break”, “Crawl” and “Crawl”. Anthem is the title song and is first to be introduced in it as well. The album got mostly positive reviews from the critics and the music magazines.

The critics said that there are some flaws in the extended play the fans of the___14 band are really going to enjoy this effort of the band.  Another critic also gave the verdict of the record having nothing new to it and the songs to be too carefully written. Well, the response from the critics varied a lot and the album did not receive much high appreciation from the critics.

The songs in the album re simply written and the music is quiet the same to be seen in the previous works of the band. The guitarists however have done a tremendous job in the main guitar along with the bass guitar playing.

The album’s look very controlled and didn’t show any thing now or creative in it. The same thing can be said for the music because the band has produced the same music they have been producing from the past couple of years. The rock legends have tried to stick to the previous tracks of the music even in this album.

The title song Anthrax is a fully rocky number and has a touch of metallic music to it as well. The vocals are not really impressive and have been really down to the expected finishes.  The band is talented and have the feature of being number and to enter in the charts at very better positions.

The extended play was very well thought by the band members but it looks like they were afraid of being letting down so they didn’t try to make it more creative than the older ones. If they could have done a little hard work it would have been a hit. Nevertheless it rely is a treat for the fans of the band.


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