Agnez Monica is an Indonesian singer and “Agnez Mo” is her fourth studio album. This album was recorded and released in Indonesia.  The album was recorded in English as its all of the songs are on English language but it was released only in Indonesia for the Indonesians. It was released in June 2013.

The album was produced by Tearce Kizzo and was released under the label of Entertainment Inc and Momentum Music.  The albums promotion and marketing was done with the collaboration of a local coffee brand Kopi Kapal Api.  The coffee buyers received a code on the packet and could use that in for purchasing the songs from the album.

After the release of the album the CD was introduced in the market for the sale. The album is thirty seven minutes long and has ten songs included in it. The songs include “Hide and Seek”, “Walk”, “Bad girl”, “Flying high”, “Got me figured out”, “Things will get better” “Renegade”, “Be brave” “Let’s fall in love” and “Shut ‘Em Up”.

The first single of the album “Walk” went out for release in June 2013 and got huge appreciation form the fans. The song set its mark on the number one position on the Rolling stone Indonesia.  The song was critically acclaimed and even liked by the music critics. The video of the song “Walk” was released after some days of the release of the song. The song was viewed over two million times on the YouTube which is a very big mark for an emerging Indonesian artist.

The voice of Agnez in the album is very powerful. She has a range of three octaves and performs very well with in her own range. It was her dream from the start to beat the Indonesian music industry and get into the European one, which was considered pompous once, but now she had done it with her performance in this album.

The songs sung by her belong to the hip hop genre. Her dancing and acting skills add a charm to her performance which is evident in the songs of the album and its videos. Due her perfectionism she has the ability to nail the vocals in her songs. Many of her songs are written by herself as she is a song writer as well.  She can do a lot of things and she has proven herself to be the master of them all.

The album did not receive much acclaim form the international viewers and fans because it was only released in Indonesia on a lower level. But the work done in the album was surely of a great quality. With the personality of Agnes it seems that she soon will emerge as an international star and will prove herself over the international forum as well as she has proven herself on the national platform. Overall her performance is great and un-doubtful. Her music is exciting and the vocals provided by her are very refreshing and pleasant.


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