Goodie Mob is an Atlantic Hip hop group and recently they have released their fifth studio album by the name of “age against the machine”. The album was released in August 2013 under the label of the right records and primary wave. It was produced by many producers including Big Fraze, Cee Lo Green, Caviar, Floyd the Locsmif, The Grey Area and many others also. The album was released after the interval of nine years after the release of the previous album in 2004 by the make of “One Monkey Doesn’t Stop Show”.

The band was thought to be broken after the release of album in 2004 but they’re united again in 2006 and announced the making of the new album in 2007.  Until 2010 they had made ten songs and were working on the others.The album’s name was changed to the current one from “We Sale the Drugs Too”.  In April 2013 it was announced that the new album is soon to be released.

The album was recorded in Jamaica at Gee Jam Recording Studio, Nevada at Odds on recording studio and in California at 17 Hertz Recording studio.  After the release of the tracks one by one whole album was released.  Most of the songs were inspired by older songs of 50s and 60s.

The album is 51 minutes long and has eighteen songs the song include”You Don’t Know What You Got”, “State Of The Art”, “Power”, “Silence…. The New Hate “, I’m Set”, “Valleujah”, “Pinstripes”, “Special Education”, “Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild”, “Kolors”, “Come As You Are”, “Nexperiance”, “The Both Of Me”, “Balls “, “Amy”, ‘Understanding”, “Uncle Red’s “, And ” Father Time”. There was another deluxe edition of the album with the bonus tracks.

The album gained positive reviews from the critics and got normalized rating in most of the review magazines and websites. The album was loved by the fans as it came after the gap of nine years and they had been waiting for very long to see the performance of their beloved band.  The album is different from many in the market and has something refreshing to it which is not particularly present in other albums.

The album has unique lyrics which make the sound tracks more special and crafty. The innovation can be seen very easily in the compositions and this album can be regarded as the comeback album of the band. They have done a pretty good job to make their mark in the billboards. The songs have the hip hop touch attached to them along with the groovy rapping needed to balance the beats.

The title song, Special song and father time are the best dongs out of the album. The melodies of all the songs are perfect and the music is very serene. The songs are done in such a way that the person enjoys the songs and feels the true emotions behind them as well.  The album is true hip hop addition, the band might have aged but age certainly has added grace to their work.


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