Wavves is an American surf rock band which has been working since 2008. Afraid of Heights is the third studio album of the band, which was released in 2013. The band is based in California and specialize in surf rock, lo fi, noise rock, and Indie rock. The band members include Nathan Williams and Ryan Ulsh.

The album “Afraid of Heights” was released in March, 2013 under the banner of Ghost ramp, Mom + Pop music and Warner Bros.  It was produced by John Hill.

The album is forty one minutes long and has fourteen tracks including “Sail to the sun”, “Demon to Lean on”, “Mystic”, “Lunge Forward”, “Dog”, “Afraid of the heights”, “Paranoid”, “Cop”, “Beat me up”, “Everything is my fault”, “That’s on me”, “Gimme a knife”, “I can’t dream”, and “Hippies is punks”. Jenny Lewis is featured in many of the songs of the album.

The album gained mostly positive reviews form the critics and gained an average rating on various platforms.The album is released after five years of the previous albums so it was expected to have charm inoculated in it. The young guitarist and song writer Nathan has done a very good job in the music of the album.

Inviting singers as guest in the album was another very good for the promotion of the album and it worked like a charm. The guest singers have surely elevated the standard of this neatly written album. Some of the songs are pretty decent and well thought which is not a tall expected from a singer who had once written a Christmas song for her girlfriend.

The album is longer than the previous ones and the forty minutes album looks like being dragged ta some places as well. The album should have been cut short to make out more interesting. Any ways the music is pretty cool and has really nice effects to it. To add on to the music the lyrics of some of the songs are very well written.

The songs “Afraid of the heights”, Sail to sun” and “Gimme a knife” are very well written. These songs are thought provoking and have a bounded sense of attitude linked to them.There are love songs too in the album but kind of strange ones, “Cop” is tea love song in the album but is written and sung from a point of view of a gay person whose lover was killed.

The melodies in the album are fine and songs are creative. The songs are rocky natured and pleasant ones as well. The sound in the album is nice. The guitar and drums in the background complement the compositions along with the voice of the vocalist.

The album could have been a great one if the longer tracks would have been cut short by the production team and the gaps of long music were deleted from the whole album.  Otherwise it is a good effort by the band and we can hope to get more of them in future.


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