Adele – Skyfall



  • Song Name: Skyfall
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Adele
  • Featuring:
  • Produced By: Paul Epworth
  • Album Name: Skyfall – Single
  • Release Date: October 5, 2012
  • Genre: Genius Britain, Rock, Pop, Screen, Theme Song
  • Record Label: Columbia Records, XL Recordings & Melted Stone Limited
  • Written By: Adele & Paul Epworth
  • Performance: Peaked at No.
  • Sampled In: 
  • Cover By:
  • Remixed By:

Adele – Skyfall Review

Adele must be ready to be compared to all other recording artists who have sung theme songs of past James Bond movies. ‘Skyfall’ will never pale in comparison. She has carried over her usually sultry approach, which makes the track unique, impressive, and alluring. There is a smoky underlying tone that makes it se*y.

It is outstanding for her not to be too overwhelmed by the 77-piece orchestra that backed her. It is amazing how her powerful voice did not drown along with the heavy accompaniment. As most music critics assert, Adele easily owned that song. Not even the backup singers came close to steal her thunder.

You may agree that this track is the most memorable of all Bond theme songs. No offense to Sheena Easton and Shirley Bassey but Adele just proved that she is the best voice behind any Bond theme song. To top that, she wrote the song herself with the help of Paul Epworth, her collaborator for her smash hit ‘Rolling in the Deep.’

Adele has just become the first ever British singer to record a Bond movie sound track. ‘Skyfall, The Movie’ might be gone in your consciousness after a few weeks or months, but for sure, this song will never leave your mind and heart.


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  1. I love this song so much! My boyfriend says its deep and dark. I love it. Im into songs like this and Adele you really did amazing with this song. I listen to this song everyday. Thank you for this song. I am a true fan! <3 I love you Adele.


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