Justin Timberlake is back into the music scene. It took him several years to release his third album as a solo performer. But it surely is definitely worth the wait. He has succeeded in defying expectations of his music critics and fans. Not surprisingly, the album has become among the fastest selling CDs is the past number of years. The robust sales don’t account for the digital sales yet.

If you think the first single released ‘Suit and Tie’ defines the sound of the entire album, listen to the all tracks to be surprised. You may agree that there are more other songs in the album that are worthier of being the lead single. Even ‘Mirrors’ is not good enough compared to many other tracks in this CD. Here are some of the truly outstanding songs from this offering.

Pusher Love Girl’ is just appropriate to be the album’s opening track. It is unique for its orchestral intro and lively chorus. As it turns out, this song is effective in setting any listener’s expectations about what to expect from the rest of this album. This might not be the highlight of the entire CD, but it can whet taste buds of listeners even for a bit.

Tunnel Vision’ is filled with Timbaland’s thumb prints all over it. The mid-tempo setting gives way to Timberlake’s distinct falsetto style of singing, which makes this track unique compared to other tracks in the same album. The two musical geniuses have again proven that they can produce a great song when they work together.

Spaceship Coupe’ is definitely a hidden treasure in the album. It seemed that Timberlake has let his imagination finally run wild in this song. The track features lyrics that perfectly fit the title. Any ‘The 20/20 Experience’ by Justin Timberlake album review would agree that this song has the potential to be among the biggest hits from this album.

You could instantly agree that ‘That Girl’ is a superb solid track that stands out because of its obvious Motown influences. This track indicates how Timberlake explores the type of sound that he wants to go into. He is obviously experimenting in this song and it shows how fun he could be.

Let the Groove Get In’ has an enticing tribal intro with pulsating beats. This song exudes the catches hook in the whole album. Prepare to hear horns, cowbells, and different percussion that are ideally layered together. The track lasts more than 7 minutes but listeners would not easily be aware of the time passing because of the song’s hook.

Mirrors’ exudes a well crafted as well as delectable melody mixed with string sections, backing vocals, and hand-clapping samples. Truly, Timberlake and Timbaland have again produced another hit single.

Blue Ocean Floor’ has classifiable splendor that leaves lots of questions in listeners’ minds. Upon hearing this song, you may not be able to help what musical direction Timberlake would take for his next album. The track is heavy with diverse musical influences and elements.

Overall, every ‘The 20/20 Experience’ by Justin Timberlake album review would point out that this album is a giant leap forward for this important recording artist. He sounds as if he is not concerned about being No. 1 anymore; instead, he sounds more interested in expressing his creative and artistic freedom.


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