New Kids on the Block is a welcome nostalgia. Any music fan who has been missing the legendary boy band from the 1980s would surely get excited just by reading any 10 by New Kids on the Block album review. Moreover, the CD could serve as a wonderful trip back to memory lane.

This compilation comes as the sixth studio album from the group. After more than two decades, the boys (now older men) have decided to reunite to give a taste of how they could sound if they were still active in the music scene.

Most music critics think the album simply trades on goodwill but they assert that the band’s old magic is still alive. New Kids on the Block has surely realized that music fans today are harder to please than followers in their era. The album is full of refreshing tracks, with some of the outstanding as follows.

Remix (I Like The)’ is the lead single that is unexpectedly delightful. It is adorned by corny but amazing guitar riffs and raspy vocals. The sound gets more adventurous as well as playful. The song is a good opening track, being current and fresh at the same time.

Crash’ has proven that the boys could still hit the nail on its head. The song is a dance anthem that may sound as if it is nuclear powered. The track utilizes European house music elements. It has a chorus that is both catchy and interesting.

The most traditional sounding song in the album is no other than the track ‘Now Or Never.’ As such, it is a cute take on urban pop bursting into guitar-driven chorus. You may agree that the song is radio ready as it is instantly hummable.

We Own Tonight’ is a clear winner. The vibrant synth ballad sounds more like a song from new-age boy band One Direction. It is the track in the album that loudly reminds us that New Kids on the Block was the original boy band that started it all. It also demonstrates the group’s ability to harmonize.

Survive You’ sounds like a dreadful ballad, sounding like a track that failed to meet the deadline for the group’s previous albums. ‘Back to Life’ and ‘Jealous (Blue)’ are forgettable love songs but are still worth listening to. ‘The Whisper’ is comparatively better than the two but the vocals are not as great. Fighting Gravity is the album’s embarrassment.

Overall, although most 10 by New Kids on the Block album review articles are not nice to the group, most music critics agree that this album is one for the fans. It may sound like a rushed commercial decision but in the end, it was a worthwhile CD for all those music fans from the 1980s. While the fans may love everything about the album, we may just take time to listen to it to kill time. It is simply nice hearing from this boy band once again.


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