• Song Name: The Motto
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Drake
  • Featuring: Lil Wayne
  • Produced By: T-Minus
  • Album Name: Take Care
  • Release Date: November 15, 2011
  • Genre: OVO, Genius Canada, YMCMB, Rap
  • Record Label: Sasha Sirata & Michael “Banger” Cadahia
  • Written By: Sir Mix-a-Lot, T-Minus, Lil Wayne & Drake
  • Performance: Peaked at No. 14
  • Sampled In: F.U. (The Motto Remix) by Wiz Khalifa (Ft. Berner & Juicy J)
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By:
    • The Motto (Remix) by Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga)
    • The Motto (Freestyle) by Tory Lanez

“The Motto” is a song from the album of the Canadian recording artist Drake.  The song is taken from his album “Take Care” which was released in 2011. The song also features Lil Wayne and is a bonus track of this album.

The song came on the number one position on the hot billboard charts all over the Europe and US. The song was also awarded three platinum certificates on its success. It is regarded as Drake’s most grossing song up till now.  After its release many versions of remixes were released of the song and those gained popularity as well.

The song has the motto “you only live once” repeated again and again in the song by the help of the word YOLO. This gained a lot of popularity among the fans and the youngsters. The song is only three minutes long but had a great impact on the listeners.

After the release of the song worldwide YOLO became an instant hit among the social networks and was printed on walls etc.  The song had an amazing music and was played hundreds of time on t radio after kits release. Its video was released afterwards.



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