• Song Name: Panda
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Desiigner
  • Featuring:
  • Produced By: Menace (UK)
  • Album Name: New English
  • Release Date: December 15, 2015
  • Genre: Memes, G.O.O.D. Music, Rap
  • Record Label: GOOD, Def Jam
  • Written By: Desiigner
  • Performance: Peaked at No. N/A
  • Sampled In: N/A
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By: N/A

Desiigner – Panda Review

Folks, the underdog from Brooklyn, is out with a fairly plain new hip hop track titled ‘Panda ‘Who am I referring too. Desiigner, The one of the many upcoming young rap artist originating from New York City. Now I have to hand it out to music lovers out there, this is not one of those tracks, we desperately wait for a year.

The aspiring teenager, Desiigner, who is seeing big time fame recently for his song ‘Panda’, is attributed to his recent signing to G.O.O.D music. You heard it correct folks, Desiigner is up and running under Kayne West’s recording label. Damn! That is one smart move. No wonder, under himself individually. It would have been impossible getting streams, above forty million. Having Kayne West on his side, with songs like Panda in the early parts of his career. The artist is barely scratching his potential, slowly establishing his own image in the hip hop scene.

Desiigner is seeing, much spotlight, because of Kayne Wests remixed version of the song titled “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2,” featuring Panda. Is also sitting on the billboard top 100, mainly getting streams from YouTube.

Song not up to the mark. Well of course yeah. There are multiple reasons, for starters the composition of the song is completely hooked upon one really long verse, which sees no end. The beat at the end seems as the only good part in the track. Though even for a Hip hop trap genre, the vocals appear rushed and clearly not audibly understandable. For crying out loud, rap with clarity!

The person brrr-ing in the playback, every ten seconds, is fairly annoying. I am already having a hard time making out the lyrics. Despite the persistent effort to sound professional, the recording put me off. You could explain it as, five different tracks being played from a single radio at the same time.

A lot has to be worked up upon for Desiigner and Kayne West has to really look into establishing his personal style and line work. We ought to see an original piece of music than, a heavily Future influenced type of work.

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