Alicia Keys Featuring Nicki Minaj – Girl On Fire Review

Alicia Key’s lead single from the album with the same name has all the power and drums needed to make it empowering. The song starts with Alicia’s booming vocals and a bigger harsher drum bang behind her.

As she continues her infamous piano becomes stronger until we get to the chorus. She belts ‘This Girl Is On Fire’ out loud; while she’s at the top of her range she shows no sign of weakness strengthening the songs meaning.

Nicki Minaj pops in for an almost cameo effect to boost the singles popularity, nevertheless Minaj does a good job spitting out as much as she can in the twenty-second time period given homing in on this magnificent girl.

As she goes on guitars are picked up and her vocal depth is bigger. And as the final line is sung, the tempo slows down and we hear Alicia and keys again. The track is good and a change from her formula of releasing songs revolving around the piano, changing it by revolving around her vocals and the drums.

But surely a bit more synth for a change in 2012? Nope because Alicia doesn’t need a change that drastic.



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